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Courtney Shelby

Business Development Specialist

4 ways eAssist supports your team and OM, from day one

A dental practice office manager is at the reins of the wild ride that is working at a dental office. Most of the time the dentist is the face of the business, but office managers are the ones on the phone, at the front desk, and sometimes even helping the dentist with their patients. With all hands on deck at all times, who can keep up? Even the most successful office managers know that help is always needed even when it isn’t always easy to come by. Does it feel like you’re getting close to that breaking point? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I taking up more time trying to figure out who’s doing what, where, and when?
  • Have I started feeling like I have less time to greet patients and resolve problems?
  • Is practice productivity and profit going by the wayside?

Without taking stock of these problems, you risk falling behind on crucial benchmarks that define your practice’s growth. It’s not always easy asking for help, but it can be necessary. By choosing to outsource, you’re giving yourself the biggest boost toward success. Having a team that cares about your goals and works to achieve them is truly living the dream. With that being said, how do we get to that point?

1. We help your staff, we don’t replace them

It’s no one’s fault when the accounts are unpaid. Insurance companies make mistakes just like we do, and sometimes need a reminder to fulfill their financial obligation. What if the office schedule is so crazy that your narratives are starting to lose their accuracy, leading to denials? Our contracted dental billing specialists are the best in the business for a reason; a little less than a quarter of our billing test applicants meet our standards. Whether you need general dentistry expertise or special services such as orthodontics and pediatrics, you can be assured that your eAssist team is always on the same page professionally.

2. Peace of mind exemplified

eAssist offers dental practices a set of brand promises and tangibly defined goals that represent our work for you. That includes posting payments within a 24 hour period, get the insurance

over 90 to zero (and keep it there), and following up at least every 10 business days on all claims that hit 30+ days in aging — just to name a few. As an office manager, you know exactly how important it is to navigate all of these different parts of practice management. When all of the pieces are accounted for, the puzzle of profit starts to come together.

3. We hold ourselves accountable

Of course, peace of mind doesn’t come without transparency and accountability for our actions. Any team leader or office manager knows this. From day one, eAssist provides you with detailed 24 hour reporting that you can view from the comfort of your home computer. You can see exactly what we’ve collected for you down to the cent, as well as further weekly and monthly reports that offer insights into long term profitability goals.

4. We keep your schedule full

Whether you’re over or under-scheduled, eAssist can help balance your patient calendar. Our proprietary retention methods utilize real people asking real questions to your patients. There’s no robotic text message or scary late night voicemail.

This is why eAssist works; we’re not replacing anyone, we’re giving you the tools you need to ensure that your schedule stays full, your accounts are paid, and that everyone in your office knows they have a team they can count on. Put another way? If we’re talking baseball, you could say eAssist covers all the bases. Let us know if you’re ready for a home run.


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