Dental Insurance Verification

Keeps Profits Flowing and Makes Patients Happy

In the Dental industry it is a well known fact that Insurance companies change their coverage policies yearly. Over the years Dental plans have added exclusions, waiting periods, alternate benefits and tricky benefit wording to add to the confusion. Incorrect insurance verifications can affect your bottom line leading to low collections, high account receivables, outstanding claims, incorrect treatment plans, and unhappy patients.

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For example: When your office is unaware of insurance details, the claim that is submitted could be denied. Your patient then gets sent an unexpected statement and are upset that the treatment estimate presented to them was incorrect. As a result your patient informs you they will never return to your office.

What if all of this could have been avoided by having your office simply verify the patient’s benefits prior to their appointment? The treatment plan could have been presented with an accurate estimated amount, the patient’s estimated copayment would be made at the office visit, and your patient would become a loyal, happier, and trusting patient.

It is said that a happy patient is a good salesperson for your practice and an unhappy patient is doubly effective at taking business away. Which scenario would you prefer to find yourself in?

Insurance verification is extremely time consuming for your front desk. Full benefit breakdowns are not always available online, and when your staff calls to speak to a representative, the wait times can range from 20-45 minutes per verification. Time that could be better spent focusing on other duties within the office.

Eliminate patient unhappiness, collection issues, and decrease accounts receivable in your practice with one simple and affordable program.

Insurance Verification* by eAssist

Insurance verification is the cornerstone of any profitable and successful dental practice.

When you put your verification process in our hands, you receive:

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The most up to date insurance benefits for your patients.

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The ability to accurately estimate insurance and patient payment portions.

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Peace of mind that comes from knowing a patient’s insurance status at the treatment planning stage.

2 Options To Meet Your Needs

Whatever insurance verification requirements you have, you’ll find that we satisfy them quickly and efficiently.


Family History Verification

We verify general patient benefits and history indicated on our history verification form. This option is great for additional family members or existing patients, who have a recent full benefit breakdown available, but you are confirming benefits and checking patient specific history, maximums and deductible used, etc.

  • $4.17 per Standard Verification with data entry into the software.
  • $2.49 per Standard Verification without data entry into the software.


Full Benefit Verification

We verify and provide you with the most thorough verification breakdown available. This option is ideal for new patients, existing patients with a new insurance plan, or simply an update for all your patients in the new year. We can also customize the full benefit breakdown for specific specialty offices.*Please note that any verification requests that are made less than 48 hours of patient appointment are considered an ASAP verification and the fee is $12.50 per verification.

  • $6.25 per Extensive Verification with data entry into the software.
  • $4.57 per Extensive Verification without data entry into the software.

3 Reasons To Choose

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Save thousands on collections

Avoid the frustration of collecting additional payments that fall between an estimated co-pay and what an insurance policy covers. An angry patient is far less likely to pay because they feel betrayed and tricked. With eAssist verifying your patients’ insurance up front, you can literally eliminate this problem forever and save thousands each year!

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Cut accounts receivable

eAssist is very thorough and accurate throughout the entire verification process. When you can accurately treatment plan the estimated patient portion you decrease the likelihood of a patient having an outstanding balance when the insurance company has paid its share.

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Fewer surprises, greater patient satisfaction

We don’t have to tell you that when a patient is happy your practice is profitable. Eliminate the unpleasantness of having to tell a patient they owe you far more than you quoted them.

Get in touch with eAssist today and see how effective our Insurance Verification service is for your profitable practice!