eAssist Vision Statement

We will empower and with purpose connect with our community of independent, honest, and self-motivated entrepreneurs to achieve the highest common goals thereby providing for our families and serving the practices that need us.

eAssist Mission Statement

Our wildly important goals are focused on creating a network of dental billing professionals that are passionate and committed to serving our dental clients and their practices to ultimately collect all revenue that is rightfully owed to them.


Our purpose is to cultivate and empower a culture that fosters opportunity, inspiration, creativity, empathy and communication to make our people the best they can be. We strive by learning, improving and networking to become the top of the industry professionals in insurance billing, appealing claims, collecting patient portion and other services related to saving dental practices and making them solvent again.


Every new service that eAssist develops will be backed by accountability and proven success in measurable metrics because we care and
we are here to serve and to save our dental practices.

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