Dental Billing Issues

Common Dental Billing Issues

PROBLEM 1: Accounts Receivables

Money Patients Owe is Skyrocketing

The dental office is struggling with increasing accounts receivables. The dentist is producing more, but not collecting all that he or she produces. The dental office manager is working as hard as she can but seems to be getting no where.

PROBLEM 2: Need Help

Not Enough Time in the Day To Do It All

The dental office manager doesn’t have the time or the skill to take care of the patients in the office, present treatment plans, answer phones, manage staff and still send claims, post credits and adjustments to patient ledgers, appeal denied claims, and manage the dental office’s accounts receivables.

PROBLEM 3: Time Off

One Person is in Charge of Everything

When the dental office manager takes time off, the entire collection mechanism of the office shuts down–resulting in unreliable cash flow from time to time.

PROBLEM 4: Patient Ledger Errors

Patients are Leaving the Practice

Patients might tell the doctor that “I love your office, but your billing is all messed up.” EOBs are unorganized and difficult to search, payments and adjustments are not properly posted on patient ledgers. Patients lose trust and leave the practice.

The eAssist Dental Billing Solution

STEP 1: Install

Searchable PDF EOBs are posted

A specialized scanner is installed in your office by our I.T. staff. The installation takes about a half-an-hour. All EOBs are scanned daily by your staff. The EOBs are stored on your server as searchable PDF documents.

This process creates a HIPAA compliant electronic filing system that eliminates the need to scan each EOB into your practice management software, saving time and computer storage space.

STEP 2: Connect

Secure Virtual Private Network

A 256-bit encrypted Virtual Private network (called a VPN) is installed on your server. Two eAssist managers securely access your network through this VPN to accurately post all payments and adjustments into your patient ledgers within 24 hours. Notes are added to help your staff answer patient questions about their bills.

STEP 3: Go!

Dental Insurance Claims are submitted and processed

All dental insurance claims are batched by your dental office staff, but are sent with all necessary electronic attachments and narratives by us. eAssist reviews all claim rejection and reviews any missing patient data with your staff.

All insurance claims that are denied are reviewed in a timely manner and determined if eligible for appeal. Your dental office manager can breathe a sigh of relief.

STEP 4: Report

Regularly Emailed Reports

Our client doctors receive an emailed report regularly that tracks office collection and production ratios, the number of dental insurance claims we have submitted daily, the number of dental insurance claims appealed daily, claim errors corrected, projected monthly collections, and accounts receivable levels. You will finally feel in control.

Dental Billing Issues are Eliminated

SOLUTION 1: Professional Appeals

Aim to Collect 100% of What You Produce

All denied insurance claims are now properly appealed and often denied claims are reversed. Allowing the dental office to maximize their insurance collections.

Our staff is available to assist your dental office manager in implementing industry-wide best practices.

SOLUTION 2: Build Relationships

Present Estimates and Collect Upfront

The dental office manager now has time to focus on the patients that are at the office. She has time to answer phone calls on the first ring, verify patient insurance plans before the patients arrive, accurately present treatment plan estimates to all patients, keep the schedule full, send out recall reminders, manage staff, and personally develop relationships with every patient.

Her stress level drops significantly now that she has an assistant sending claims, posting credits and adjustments, submitting appeals, and fighting for all of the receivables that are owed to the doctor.

SOLUTION 3: Protection

Consistent Cash Flow

If the dental office manager needs extended time off for maternity leave for instance, or takes a week long vacation, or has taken another job somewhere else–the insurance collection mechanism does not shut down. It continues unabated with absolute continuity.

There are now multiple people looking at various patient ledgers while posting payments, adjustments,  and during claim follow up. This decreases errors, possibility of embezzlement, and gives the doctor peace of mind.

SOLUTION 4: Accurate Accounting

Professionaly Trained Dental Managers

All of your insurance payments and adjustments will be posted properly on patient ledgers. No longer will patients be leaving your practice due to mistakes in payment postings. We strive for 100% accuracy in posting payments and adjustments to your patient ledgers. Since every dental practice is unique, if any modifications are needed, we will address them immediately.

Are You Interested?

Insurance or patient checks are NEVER MAILED to us. You don’t change your practice management software. We remotely work as if we are in your office–working from your software server and off scanned images of checks and EOBs. Our eAssist Office software (patent pending) makes it all possible. NO setup fees. NO long-term contract.

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