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Dental Billing Service FAQ

We’ve compiled some of the questions that dental practices, like yours, ask about the eAssist Dental Billing service. Of course, if these questions don’t provide all of the answers you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the program in depth with you.

You do not have to change the administrative software of your clinic to use the eAssist Dental Billing Service, as we are compatible with all dental administration systems, ie Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dentimax, etc.

With our Dental Billing Service, your office staff will open all mail, collect all payments and make all deposits. NEVER does anyone at eAssist handle your money.

The average dental office will collect around $60,000 per month in the United States from insurance companies. The average salary for front office managers that are trained in insurance, EOB, and accounts receivable management are paid $20/hour. The cost to the practice for this employee is over $3000/month after compensation and taxes are paid. The cost to use the eAssist Dental Billing Service would be $2,100 in this instance.

All eAssist dental billing clients see a marked increase in collections in as little as three months. The cost for our Dental Billing Services are easily offset by the increase in revenue that our services bring.

Broadband internet service is required for us to efficiently process and operate the eAssist Dental Billing Service.

It is our suggestion that your current billing staff be utilized in a different capacity. They should be focusing on increased production and giving patients more personalized attention, thereby greatly increasing your patient’s acceptance of treatment plans you initiate. If you have a current vacancy in your office, utilizing eAssist Dental Billing Services will eliminate the need to fill that position.

NO long-term contracts required. All services operate on a month-to-month agreement between you and eAssist.

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