eAssist Dental Credentialing Service

The Credentialing process can be a lengthy one that requires a focused and organized approach, followed by consistent and regular follow up in order to get the paperwork processed in a timely manner. Many offices find themselves adding an associate and needing their new doctor to process as in-network with their existing contracts as quickly as possible.

How eAssist can help your business?

Our teams know who to contact, what documents are needed and how to navigate the various scenarios that can present when adding new associates to existing contracts or adding new contracts in general. Let our experienced Contracting Specialists take the burden off your front office. Not only will we submit the paperwork quickly and accurately, but we will watch your EOBs to make sure that they are processing as they should.

Simplified Set-Up

Our quick questionnaire and e-signature capability gathers your information in a user friendly manner.

Expedited Processing

Our specialists ensure your contracts are completed and submitted accurately the first time so that you go “In-Network” as soon as possible.

EOB Monitoring

While posting your insurance payments, we audit your EOBs to ensure all claims are processing accurately and according to your new contract terms.

Service Price and Fee

  • Per Contract

  • Set-Up Fee for submitting contracts

*Credentialing process can take 90-120 days after submission before insurance company will issue an effective date.

Fee Schedule Updates

Let your eAssist team gather and update your insurance fee schedules so that you can continue to provide the most accurate estimates to your patients while minimizing unexpected write-offs and uncollected patient balances.

  • Per requested Fee Schedule Update

There is no set-up fee for this service.

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Included with your eAssist service is a FREE subscription
to PracticeBooster.

eAssist is proud to announce their partnership with Dr. Charles Blair.

PracticeBooster is Dr. Charles Blair’s complement to his “Coding with Confidence” book. It is an amazing online resource which helps you:

  • Properly bill for your dental procedures
  • Prepare all required documentation for accurate submission of claims
  • Eliminate coding errors
  • Increase your production and maximize your insurance reimbursement