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What is Dental Credentialing?

As a dental health care provider, there are some steps you need to take with each insurance carrier to ensure that you are providing the best coverage for every one of your patients. This means that your licensure, certifications and overall practice history must be accurately documented, reviewed, approved, and the final dental insurance credentialing issued.

So What Goes Wrong?

If there are practitioners in your office without proper dental credentialing, any claims that they process will be delayed, leading to hang time in getting paid and even more time vying for proper verification.

You might be thinking that out-of-network providers get more cash, since they aren’t tied to various insurance company stipulations in terms of pricing for services. However, as an out-of-network provider, you’re much more likely to lose business rather than gain it, whether through lack of patient retention or lost time in determining credentialing approval.

What About My Employees?

With insurance coverage changes happening almost monthly these days, it’s important that you not only have peace of mind in knowing someone is looking after your credentialing, but also that it’s accurate and up-to-date, every time.

What will eAssist do for me?

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We take the burden off your front office by taking care of relevant forms and documentation.

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We keep pace with dental credentialing requirements and any new additions to your office.

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No matter whether you’re currently in-network or out, we’re thorough in making sure that everyone is vetted, processed, and ready to work to get you paid.

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Our dental credentialing process is accurate, complete, and with your peace of mind at the forefront. By getting it right the first time, you get it right every time.

The time to think about proper dental credentialing is now. eAssist will help you get to that profitable state, all the while delivering the same promise of peace of mind that comes with our other dental billing services.


Our Dental Credentialing Service Fees

  • $275*Credentialing per provider,
    per insurance company
    *This includes a 90, 60 and 30
    day notification when your
    contract is expiring.
  • $150 Re-credentialing per provider,
    per insurance company
  • $125 Add-on Credentialing per
    provider, per occurrence
    (location add-on, change of tax ID, removing location, cancelling
    contract, etc.)
  • $299 One-time set-up fee
    per Doctor
  • $115*Per requested Fee
    Schedule Update
    * Set Up Fee does not apply
  • Fee Schedule Updates

    Let your eAssist team gather and update your insurance fee schedules so that you can continue to provide the most accurate estimates to your patients while minimizing unexpected write-offs and uncollected patient balances. Imidated by medical billing of dental procedures, or spend valuable time learning medical coding and billing rules – we’ve got it covered for you!

The Dental Credentialing Brand Promise

DC 120Days blue

Successfully credential your
eligible provider(s) with
all requested insurance contracts within 120 days

icon no over lapse

Notify you within 60 days of your insurance contract
renewal dates and offer re-credentialing services

DC 2Days blue

Submit credentialing contracts within 2 business days of receiving the completed intake form and all necessary documentation

icon chat

Follow up on the status of every outstanding credentialing contract at least every 10 business days


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