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Dentistry is your specialty — remote billing and collection support is ours. Whether you are a general dentist, a specialist, or a multi-specialty practice, we are here to serve you. The expertise of our specialty billers is unmatched. Just as you put in the extra schooling to specialize, our eAssisters have also mastered their craft of specialty billing through years of in-office experience. No dental specialty is out of our realm of expertise.

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Our specialty billers have the knowledge and experience to ensure claims are submitted accurately and with the proper support. Narratives and appeals are no problem for our eAssisters; your headache is our bread and butter, and we always guarantee you 100% of what you’re rightfully owed.
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General Dentistry

From single provider to multi-practice DSO, eAssist dental experts are here to support your needs from pre-authorization to payment.

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Time to put eAssist in your back pocket. Let our specialty billers handle all your implant, bone graft, and other special billing codes. Quick, accurate submissions for quick, accurate payment.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Your patients may be small, but your collections shouldn’t be. Our pediatric specialists are ready to support the high-volume nature of your practice and understand how to properly attach x-rays or narratives guaranteeing timely payments.

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eAssist is the financial glue you didn’t know your practice needed. From contracts to takeover claims, we are here to support your office with our orthodontic billing specialists.

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Let us help you get to the root of your aging issues while you focus on your patients. We are ready to serve you with specialized billers and experience in billing for emergency treatment, same day endodontic services, and apicoectomy surgeries.

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Oral surgery

Our oral surgery experts are exactly what you need during surgical claim submissions. Surgical billing is complex and easily made inaccurate, but we understand exactly what to do to get your claims paid, fast. See dental medical billing for even more support.

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Dental Insurance Billing Service

The Patient Billing Add-On Service cannot be purchased without enrolling in the Dental Insurance Billing Service. However, the Dental Insurance Billing Service can be purchased separately without the Patient Billing Add-On Service.

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