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During times of instability and uncertainty, it is important to remember the things you can rely on; eAssist is one of those things. We know all of this can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list (updated daily) of helpful resources and options every dentist should take immediately for fast financial relief.

If you have questions or need help with any of these items — whether you’re an eAssist client or not — our team is here to serve you. No cost. No obligation. We will do everything we can to help every dental practice survive this crisis.

eAssist is not giving any tax or legal advice. Clients and others should independently confirm all information and work with their professional advisors to identify and implement recommendations appropriate in their particular circumstances.

eAssist Clients

If you’re an eAssist client, you can contact your Success Consultant or Team Leader and they will help you complete the action items on the list below. If you aren’t sure how to contact your eAssist team, please call 1-844-eAssist and we can provide their contact information to you.

Non-eAssist Clients

If you’re not an eAssist client, we still want to help you! Please call 1-844-eAssist and our team will help walk you through this list and help complete all of these steps to help you.

breaking news

Senate passes $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill

There is no doubt that this loan will impact the SBA Disaster Loan—and therefore directly impact dentists across the nation. Our team is diving into the meat of the bill now, and we will post updates here on this page. Please check back soon.

Immediate Actions for Dental Practice Crisis Financial Relief:

  1. Apply for the Federal SBA (Small Business Administration) Disaster Loan ASAP. Whether you think you will need it or not, apply immediately. Apply for enough funds to cover all of your practice loans, payments, employee payroll and other overhead for the next 6 months.Apply now

    There maybe additional disaster recovery funds available from your local and state governments. Check the eAssist Dental Financial Relief Map for more information on what’s available in your state. Go to map

  2. Stop all tax payments to the IRS. Even 2020 quarterly tax estimates. Note that the 2019 tax filing deadline has been extended to at least July 15th.More info

  3. Contact the bank that holds your practice loan. Ask them to stop payments and to reduce your interest rate. If they aren’t willing to reduce your rate, refinance your practice loan with an institution that will.

  4. Call your landlord and request rent abatement.

  5. Stop payments on your federal student loans.More info

  6. Call your business insurance provider to discuss if your policy will cover this disruption. Even if it doesn’t, we recommend filing a claim in the chance that laws change to force insurance companies to remove this clause.

  7. Stop most auto payments withdrawing from your bank account. It's important that you pay your bills, but you want to be in control of your cash flow. Pay by check during this critical time in order to do so.

  8. Lock your credit cards (if available) or call your credit card companies and ask for new credit cards with new numbers to be sent to you in order for you to control what is being charged automatically to your cards. This will help you control what expenses you are authorizing.

  9. Don’t pay yourself as an employee or take out money as a dividend — take money as a loan instead. This is more fiscally responsible and helps approval odds for disaster relief loans — so make sure you aren’t putting yourself on payroll or receiving distributions.

  10. Refinance your mortgage, practice loan, building loan, commercial loan, and all other applicable loans. Take advantage of the interest rates while they are low and refinance while you can.

  11. Contact your utility providers, supply company, lab, and other vendors. Ask vendors for net-90 payment terms without interest (no payment needed for 90 days interest free), discounts, and put auto-orders on hold effective immediately.

  12. Guide your team to file for unemployment, even if they are working reduced hours. Your team may still qualify for unemployment if they’ve been furloughed or if their hours have been reduced. Encourage them to file for this assistance immediately. We do not recommend you lay off any team members at this time. By doing so, you may no longer be eligible for tax credits available in the $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress and — more importantly — your people need your support now more than ever. It’s the right thing to do.More info

    Check the eAssist Dental Financial Relief Map for more information on unemployment coverage options available in your state. Go to map

  13. Keep your cash flow up by following up on all aging and previous claims. Insurance companies are still open and paying claims. If you or your team aren’t able to do this in-house at this time, you can outsource this to eAssist. We can keep your collections and cash flow up, even if you’re facing closures—we only get paid if you get paid.

  14. Set up EFT payments from insurance companies and utilize portal submissions for claims to make sure you’re getting money in your bank account faster.

  15. Sign the ADA petition for federal disaster relief for dental practices Sign the petition


How to Get an SBA Disaster Loan & What the $2 Trillion Congressional
Bill Means for Dentistry

Join Dr. James Anderson on

Monday, March 30th at
3pm ET / 1pm MT

Keeping Collections Flowing During the Coronavirus Crisis

eAssist’s core purpose is to deliver peace of mind. Right now, more than ever, we are living that purpose by helping our clients continue to see cash flow, even when facing shutdowns. We are working hard to make sure money is flowing into your practice when you need it most.

If you need help staying on top of your claims call
1-844-eAssist or click here to get started with eAssist

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Find your state’s disaster relief loans & financial support options for dentists and teams

Our interactive map is being updated every day, in real-time, to reflect the best disaster relief loans and financial support options for your state. Have questions or need help filing for your loan? Our eAssist team is here for you—whether you’re a client or not.

Dr. Anderson video

A message from our cEO

Curveballs are hard to hit. Although we heard reports of this virus in January in China, most of us didn’t suspect that it would affect the Americas. When Rudy Gobert was diagnosed and the NBA suspended their operations, everything changed—except our core purpose. eAssist exists to “Deliver Peace of Mind.”

As we collectively pause the practice of dentistry, we invite you to allow our eAssist team members to help you get all the money that is rightfully yours not only from dental insurance companies but also from government, business insurance, and other programs.

Let us assist you in applying for an SBA disaster relief loan, file your business insurance provider claim, stop payment on student loans, help refinance your practice and commercial loans, and all other programs available right now to help you provide for your team and prepare for your eventual return to the chair.

We will help you and together we will succeed.

James V. Anderson, DMD CEO, eAssist Dental Solutions

What you can do now

Apply for all loans available in your state, check the eAssist Dental Financial Relief Map for more information on relief options in your state. If you're not sure where to start in your application for the SBA Disaster Loan, our team can help. Contact your eAssist team, or call 1-844-eAssist. We are here for you.

What we’re doing for your dental practice

We’re still fighting for every dollar rightfully owed to you.

We’re still submitting existing claims and appealing denials whether your office is open or closed.

We’re still delivering our promise of peace of mind and collect 100% of what is owed to you.


Helping us to help you

If you decide to close your office, please keep your eAssist computers and connected devices on so we can keep your collections and billing running smoothly.


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Free migration to QuickBooks® Online for 24/7 account access for you and your team with no monthly Intuit fee for eAssist Dental Accounting customers.

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Take advantage of our convenient eAssist Dental Payroll Service Add-on. You’ll be able to manage and track your payroll online at any time for staff and your admin team to submit and approve payroll.

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Our eAssist Dental Accounting Essential Bookkeeping Service is just what you need to relieve you of the tedium of balancing the books whenever a deposit or a bill is paid. Your accountant and whomever else you choose will have complete access to your books at all times and in real time through QuickBooks Online.

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Advanced Bookkeeping Service
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Take your dental accounting to another level of convenience and safety by adding our Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay. We pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay through limited access accounts. Your staff no longer needs to write checks to vendors or have access to your bank’s online account. Take your checks home and keep them safe!

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With this full-service package, you get everything included in the eAssist Dental Accounting Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay and an important bonus. We’ll provide you with a seasoned eAssist dental CPA who will file your quarterly and annual taxes. In addition, your eAssist dental CPA will hold virtual quarterly forecasting meetings with you to plan your best financial strategies.