eAssist Dental Accounting Advanced Service with Bill Pay

Let us balance your dental software with your
Quickbooks, merchant statement & your bank!

eAssist Dental Accounting Service

eAssist Dental Accounting is dental bookkeeping and accounting built by dentists for dentists. We understand the unique accounting needs that dental practices require.

Finally your Dentrix or Eaglesoft (or whatever software you use) and merchant statements are balanced with your day sheets, EFT insurance deposits, bank deposits and your QuickBooks! Your deposits and payments are accurately reconciled with your bank. We even pay your bills—if you’d like us to.

Move to Quickbooks® Online


Access your financials 24/7. As an added bonus, we migrate your existing accounting files over to Intuit’s industry leading cloud-based QuickBooks Online at no charge to you. We pay your monthly fee! That’s right–you pay nothing to Intuit for Quickbooks Online as an eAssist Dental Accounting client.

Learn more about QuickBooks online and its advantages
by visiting www.quickbooksonline.com

Weekly Bank Reconciliation

Your financial institution and all credit card accounts are automatically imported into your Quickbooks® online account on a weekly basis.

Access Financial Reports 24/7

You’ll have access to all of your financial reports at any time in real time. No longer do you have to wait around for your CPA to prepare your financials at the end of each month before you know how well you are doing.

6 Reasons To Choose

Don’t Worry about Balancing Your Checkbook

We’ll balance your checkbook for you. We create all of your accounting journal entires (deposits and payments/debits and credits) and categorize your expenses.

Dental Software & EFTs are Reconciled!

We reconcile your dental software & merchant statements with your bank and with QuickBooks— a step often overlooked by non-dental specific accounting firms. This important task helps to prevent embezzlement.

Bills Paid on Time

We pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay through limited access accounts. Your staff no longer needs to write checks to vendors or have access to your bank’s online account. Take your checks home and keep them safe!

No Monthly Fee for
Quickbooks® Online

Free migration to QuickBooks® Online for 24/7 account access for you and your team with no monthly Intuit fee for eAssist Dental Accounting customers.

Emailed Weekly Summary Reports

Receive weekly reports showing collections, expenditures and whether or not all bank debits and credits match. Know for certain that your practice is running efficiently.

Payroll is Made Easy

Take advantage of our convenient eAssist Dental Payroll Service Add-on. You’ll be able to manage and track your payroll online at any time for staff and your admin team to submit and approve payroll.

Select the Level of Service You Need

and add the eAssist Dental Payroll Service add-on if desired

Essential Bookkeeping Service for
Dentists & Specialists

Our eAssist Dental Accounting Essential Bookkeeping Service is just what you need to relieve you of the tedium of balancing the books whenever a deposit or a bill is paid. Your accountant and whomever else you choose will have complete access to your books at all times and in real time through QuickBooks Online.

Advanced Bookkeeping Service
with Bill Pay

Take your dental accounting to another level of convenience and safety by adding our Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay. We pay your bills through your bank’s bill pay through limited access accounts. Your staff no longer needs to write checks to vendors or have access to your bank’s online account. Take your checks home and keep them safe!

Expert Bookkeeping Service with
Bill Pay and a CPA

With this full-service package, you get everything included in the eAssist Dental Accounting Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay and an important bonus. We’ll provide you with a seasoned eAssist dental CPA who will file your quarterly and annual taxes. In addition, your eAssist dental CPA will hold virtual quarterly forecasting meetings with you to plan your best financial strategies.

Included with your eAssist service is a FREE subscription
to PracticeBooster

Professional opinion:

eAssist is proud to announce their partnership with Dr. Charles Blair

PracticeBooster is Dr. Charles Blair’s complement to his “Coding with Confidence” book. It is an amazing online resource which helps you:

  • Properly bill for your dental procedures
  • Prepare all required documentation for accurate submission of claims
  • Eliminate coding errors
  • Increase your production and maximize your insurance reimbursement