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Our Dental Insurance Billing Service

We offer two services that focus on accounts receivables; Dental Insurance Billing Service and the Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on Service. Our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance money that is rightfully owed to you. This requires us to be involved in aspects of your insurance claims processing. Our achievable goal is to ensure that your over ninety (90) days insurance account balances are minimal.

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Dr. James Anderson, CEO and Sandy Odle, CXO had the opportunity to sit down with Fox News correspondent Kathy Ireland and discuss eAssist Dental Solutions. They chatted about our dental billing service and how we are revolutionizing dental billing through outsourcing.

All Features of the eAssist Dental Billing Service

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EOBs Posted Daily

All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely – within 24 business hours after the EOB is scanned by your office. We recommend depositing the checks the next day, ensuring that our daily deposits balance with what is posted daily. Your team of eAssist dental insurance billing specialists will communicate daily with your office manager via email to ensure smooth end-of-day balancing.

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Primary & Secondary
Claims Submitted Daily

All dental insurance billing claims for primary and secondary claims are sent electronically, daily. Preauthorizations will be sent to insurance companies when requested. We utilize your current electronic claims system. If you are currently sending paper claims, we will assist you in setting up electronic claims at no additional cost to you. Every claim is reviewed before it is sent to an insurance company to ensure that the claim will not be denied over a clerical error, which typically occurs 3-4 times per week in most dental offices.

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Insurance Aging Report Focus

The Insurance Aging Report is analyzed each month and diligently “worked”. You will receive daily summaries that track how many overdue claims were appealed, how much money was collected, and what your current accounts receivable balances are between 30-60 days overdue, 60-90 days overdue, and past 90 days overdue. If there are any outstanding balances that you prefer we do not pursue, please communicate that to us via email to ensure that all patient communication guidelines meet your expectations.

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Review All Denied Claims

All claims are closed out at the appropriate time. If a claim is denied, we will immediately investigate the cause and appeal the claim if it is appealable. This attention to detail ensures that we collect as quickly as possible the outstanding balances that are rightfully yours.

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Electronic Attachments
Used When Available

Electronic attachments will be sent for all claims when available. If an insurance company will not accept electronic attachments, we will process a paper attachment through the mail. But we will ask you to reimburse us for the cost of the stamps used. If you are currently not using electronic attachments, we will assist you in setting up the ability to send electronic attachments with your electronic claims at no additional cost to you.

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Detailed Accounts Receivables Work Log

All overdue insurance balances that are thirty (30) days old or older are followed up every 14 days. Your daily report will include a summary of any accounts receivable followup from that day. A detailed list of who we’ve been working with at the various insurance companies is available upon request. Every two to three weeks, detailed notes gathered by your eAssist dental insurance billing specialists are recorded in the claim status or patient guarantor notes in your dental management software.

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Verify Procedures that are
Not Sent to Insurance

Often we find that insurance claims are not created timely. We help ensure that this oversight is remedied.

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Missing Information is Gathered by Us

Often patient’s family files are incomplete. This will cause a claim to be denied after thirty (30) days, if not caught before the claim is sent. A typical office will usually have two or three issues like this weekly. The eAssist dental insurance billing specialists will proactively contact your patients and ask for any missing information–to complete the patient file–to ensure the most prompt payment possible. We will report these errors in your daily email summary to help you better understand how we are solving your insurance collection issues.

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Daily, Weekly, & Monthly
Accountability Reports

Weekly and monthly reports are emailed to your management staff, with a summary of our insurance collection efforts and any issues we have discovered that will slow down our collection efficiency. Examples of these reports can be sent to you upon request.

Our Dental Insurance Billing Service Fees

The amount of work to send claims, post EOBs, appeal denied claims, and keep your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables at a minimum is variable depending on how many patients you service monthly. The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service “as described in the above bullet points” are variable depending on what is collected from insurance. The following payment schedule applies for all offices:


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections under $40,000 per month.

$1,250per location, per month


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $40,000 and $100,000 per month.

3.5%per location, per month


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per month. Collections up to $100,000 are billed at 3.5%/month. Remaining amount over $100,000 is invoiced at 3%/month.

3%per location, per month


Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections over $150,000 per month. Insurance collections up to $100,000 are billed at 3.5%/month, between $100,000 – $150,000 are 3%/month, and anything over $150,000 is billed at 2.5%/month.

2.5%per location, per month

The Dental Billing Brand Promise

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Collect 100% of what’s rightfully owed

BP 1BusDay Blue

Submit clean claims
for payment within
1 business day

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Post all payments to
patient ledgers within
1 business day

icon chat

Follow up at least
every 10 business
days on all claims that
hit 30+ days in aging

icon zero flag

Get the insurance
over 90 to zero
(and keep it there)


Collected for Dentists Like You

Included with your eAssist service is a
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eAssist is proud to announce their partnership with Dr. Charles Blair. Practice Booster® is Dr. Charles Blair’s complement to his “Coding with Confidence” book.

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Any technical questions?

You might be wondering if your practice management software is compatible with our service,
what if any I.T. requirements are necessary, or whether or not we handle your money.
These and other technical questions are answered in our FAQ.

Patient Billingadd-on service

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Patient Billing Add-On Service

In addition to the Dental Insurance Billing Service described above, we also offer a Patient Billing Add-On Service.

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