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eAssist Honors Dr. Ryan Lemke and the Team at Wallingford Family Dentistry with Top Practice Award

Seattle WA, September 2021 – Dr. Ryan Lemke and the Team at Wallingford Family Dentistry are eAssist’s most recent recipients of the Top Practice Award. This honor is awarded each month to two exceptional eAssist clients who embody the values of integrity, expertise and grace, while providing exemplary patient care, running efficient operations, and giving back to their communities. Presented to the practice as a whole, the award recognizes the need for a cohesive unit to run a practice to the highest standards.

Following two tours in the Persian Gulf as a Navy sailor, Dr. Ryan Lemke earned his BS in Biochemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle. After shadowing the previous owner of Wallingford Family Dentistry for years, Dr. Lemke was inspired to attend dental school at Columbia University in New York City, among world-class staff and peers. He then completed his residency in Denver, gaining experience in expanded surgical and prosthodontic techniques. 

“Returning to Wallingford to take ownership of Wallingford Family Dentistry was a dream job of a lifetime,” explained Dr. Lemke. “In dentistry, I found a career that fulfills my need to constantly help people. I’m happiest when comforting an anxious patient, delivering a perfect restoration, and serving as a partner and a friend to help patients achieve their best oral health.”

Wallingford Family Dentistry utilizes advanced technology to perform precision dental diagnostics and treatment, expedite treatment and healing, better communicate with patients, more efficiently coordinate with specialists, and maximize insurance benefits on behalf of their patients. 

At the same time, Dr. Lemke and his team understand that 75% of Americans experience some level of dental-related fear, and 20% avoid dental care because of it. By clearly and compassionately communicating with patients, addressing their fears, and providing a relaxing environment, they create a space where most patients feel at ease with little or no chemical assistance. Helping to create a stress-free atmosphere is the office location itself – a warm, craftsman-style Wallingford neighborhood house.

Dr. Lemke continually challenges himself to new clinical and didactic excellence by honing techniques and learning advanced procedures. He is active in multiple dental organizations and study clubs occasionally teaches at his alma mater, and frequently volunteers, including at COVID-19 vaccination centers. 

About Wallingford Family Dentistry 

Wallingford Family Dentistry serves the greater Seattle area. Dr. Ryan Lemke DDS practices a full scope of general, restorative, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry, including same-day onlays and crowns. He has expertise ranging from dental implants and multidisciplinary full-mouth rehabilitation to long-lasting comfortable fillings, crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers. 

Learn more at: https://www.wallingfordfamilydentistry.com/

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