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Henry Shaw

Director of Content

eAssist Dental Solutions Award West Suburban Oral Health Care with the Top Practice Award

West Suburban Oral Health Care has received eAssist’s monthly Top Practice Award ( Each month an eAssist client who embodies the values of community involvement, exemplary dental services, and quality patient care receives this honor. Given to the practice as a whole, the award recognizes the need for a cohesive unit to run a high level practice. 

West Suburban Oral Health Care, located in Naperville Illinois has been delivering quality care to its patients from dental implants to teeth whitening. They offer a wide variety of unique services including teledentistry. This service involves using telecommunication technology to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. During times where it is difficult to make it to the dentist for varied reasons, this service is critical for doctors and patients to be able to communicate.

The practice also reinforces the ideals of oral systemic health. Oral systemic health is the connection between oral health and overall health. With an increasing amount of studies and scientific research to support this idea, oral systemic health is becoming a vital reason for people to visit their dentist regularly. 

West Suburban Oral Health Care not only understands these correlations between oral and overall health, they also teach patients through blogs, and service information on their website. With their aim of educating patients, the practice seeks to be an advocate for overall wellness.

The practice is headed by two doctors: Dr. Susan Mazzei, and Dr. Kelsey Esposito. Dr. Esposito has earned a BA in economics and fine arts from Kalamazoo College. She then earned her DDS from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Mazzei is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School and now serves there as a faculty member. She has also received her certification in prosthodontics. With quality services offered, highly trained team members, and their community involvement the team at West Suburban Oral Health Care is truly a top practice.

About West Suburban Oral Health Care

Based out of Naperville, Illinois, Drs. Mazzei and Esposito deliver quality care to patients with teeth whitenings, prosthetics, and an emphasis on overall health through oral systemic health.

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