How eAssist Changed My Life – Yvonne Reid

How eAssist Changed My Life – Yvonne Reid

My eAssist story is pretty basic when compared to the other eAssisters out there! It started when a friend called to ask if she could use me as a reference for her new dental billing service. She told me there weren’t many dental billing companies out there and she wanted to work for herself. I had never considered this before so I googled dental billing and eAssist popped up. I was intrigued and thought this might be something I wanted to do when my doctor retires. EAssist was not hiring at the time but I went ahead and took a few tests to see what kinds of questions would be asked. Before I knew it I had an interview and now I have been working part-time for 1 year and I still have my full-time dental office job! Yay!

Wanting to be debt-free when my boss retires has been a priority for me and eAssist has been a great supplement to my income. Not having to commute an extra day is also a plus. Best of all, I am able to spend time with my husband on the weekends and it doesn’t even feel like I have a second job because I can call on claims every morning before I leave for work. What a wonderful opportunity and makes me feel more secure about my future. Slowly adding more offices and working at home full-time will be something I am looking forward to. For someone who only knows endo, this experience has been a godsend. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, for making this a reality for so many!

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