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Hygiene recall & recare by the numbers

Did you know? The majority of dental patients that cancel do not reschedule, and the front desk staff doesn’t have the capacity to follow up to make sure they come back to the practice. This means your patient retention rate is suffering and your patient attrition rate is stunting your practice growth. Keep reading to learn why these numbers are important, as we dive into hygiene recall and recare by the numbers.

What is the average patient retention rate?

Patient retention is how many new patients return to your dental practice after their initial appointment. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (ADA), the average general dentist keeps only four out of ten patients beyond their first appointment.

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Obviously, this means that the majority of patients are not coming back from regular hygiene visits or treatment, resulting in stagnant monthly production and collection numbers…and a schedule that resembles swiss cheese. Your ideal patient retention rate should be at 85%, with nearly nine out of every ten patients coming back for their next visit. This retention rate could result in substantial and sustainable growth for your practice.

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You may have marketing efforts in place to attract new patients to your office, but that is only one-half of the equation. If you’re not retaining that influx of patients, your full schedule of hygiene recall patients falls to pieces right in front of your eyes and your practice is missing out on revenue.

Why should you pay attention to your hygiene recall numbers?

When we did our research, we found that an average hygiene appointment, and ensuing production from the doctor’s exam, leads to an average of $471 of income per visit. We also found that a new patient will generate at least $4,500 in revenue (excluding referrals) in their lifetime with a practice. If your practice typically sees anywhere from 25-50 new patients a month, that is $67,500-135,000 of lifetime patient revenue — just in one month of patients! — that you are missing out on by not focusing on your hygiene recall numbers.

eAssist has a new 5-star Full Schedule service — a premier, personalized communication service used to schedule patients on a recurring basis. We have real people providing a real service to give you peace of mind. The Full Schedule team helps offices welcome back patients to complete their treatment or hygiene recall appointments. The Full Schedule team has successfully increased the return rate of recall patients by 55%, adding up to $25,000 in monthly revenue from hygiene recall and treatment appointments for our valued clients. 

Your staff will thank you

Did we mention the benefit of easier scheduling for your administrative staff? A full schedule means less time scrambling to fill holes in the schedule all day and more time focusing on patients. And if there is a scheduling conflict every now and then, use your morning huddle to problem-solve them with same-day treatment or family members that are overdue.

You can talk to one of our Business Development Specialists to find how outsourcing your hygiene recall scheduling can help you achieve the profitability and growth you are striving for — and clear the path for better patient care. Simply call 1-844-eAssist, email us at team@eAssist.me or complete the contact form here on our website.


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