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Why should I outsource my dental billing processes?

Unfortunately, running a successful dental practice isn’t just providing great dentistry. There are many moving parts that require skill and experience in order for the dental practice to be successful. Dental billing processes are one of the most important parts. Dental insurance claims and codes are more complex than ever, making specialized dental billing expertise more and more of a necessity. Did you know, with the exception of dentistry and dental hygiene procedures, the majority of the skill-based tasks mentioned above can be outsourced? So you may be asking yourself: Why should I outsource my dental billing processes?

eAssist Dental Billing Service: How it works

What are the most commonly outsourced services in a dental practice?

Many dental practice revenue cycle management responsibilities are typically outsourced to alleviate unnecessary stress from the practice owner and in-house team — freeing up time and preventing employee burnout. Here are some of the most commonly outsourced services:

  • Lab work
  • Payroll & accounting
  • IT
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Legal
  • Employment agreements & HR management

How many of these skill-based tasks do you outsource? If you outsource these responsibilities to alleviate dental practice stress, why is the #1 time-consuming task in the office still being handled in-house? 

With nearly 65% of dental practice’s participating with dental insurance — due to 50.2% of the adult population in the United States utilizing dental insurance — dental billing is a crucial component in a dental practice’s revenue cycle management. Annually, most dental practices lose an average of 9% of collectible revenue to missed dental billing processes. This can add up quickly and is the #1 reason to outsource dental billing processes to trusted experts.

Why is dental billing important?

Dental billing encompasses every aspect of sending the completed treatment to an insurance carrier for reimbursement per the patient’s insurance plan. This begins with ensuring the correct CDT codes are on the claim and ends with payment from the insurance carrier. But there are many steps in between, and if even one of those steps is missed it can result in payment from the insurance carrier being delayed or — even worse — denied completely. This is why it is important to have dental billing experts in your corner.

An example of a critical dental billing process is verifying the claim information is correct. This includes everything from the subscriber information to the insurance information to the CDT codes. Claims denied due to incorrect or missing claim information are the majority of unnecessary insurance denials and delays in payment. 

Why should I outsource my dental billing processes?

There is so much on dental administrators’ plates on any given day in the dental office — scheduling, treatment planning, marketing, cross-training, etc. — that it is no surprise that 70% of dental practices are not fully collecting what they are owed on insurance claims due to missed dental billing processes. Outsourcing your dental billing processes to a trusted source means adding dental billing experts to your team that work directly with you to get 100% of what you are rightfully owed from insurance companies on services rendered.

Dental administrative teams are spending too many unnecessary hours trying to work out convoluted dental billing processes. With the average insurance hold time at 52 minutes per claim, dental administrators are spending exuberant amounts of time on the phone. Outsourcing these time-consuming dental billing processes frees up their time to schedule to goal, increase treatment plan acceptance, connect with patients, set goals, and much more. 

eAssist Dental Solutions is the nation’s leading platform for dental billing services and has dental billing experts that know the dental billing processes forwards, backwards, and upside down. This means increased cash flow, more time for patient care, more productive phone time, and no more revenue cycle management disruptions. Email LearnMore@eassist.me, call (844) 327-7478, or click here to schedule a free demo


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