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Why outsourcing should be the new normal

Outsourcing has become more and more of a common practice in dental and dental specialty offices across the country. Did you know, with the exception of dentistry and hygiene, the majority of skill-based tasks in a dental practice can be outsourced? Here are some of the most commonly outsourced services:

  • Legal 
  • Employment agreements & HR management 
  • Payroll 
  • Lab work 
  • Supply management 
  • Equipment maintenance 
  • IT 

These areas or responsibilities are typically outsourced to alleviate unnecessary stress from the practice owner and in-house team, freeing up time, and preventing burnout. 

Normalize outsourcing

If dental practices across the country outsource many of the skill-based tasks in the office to make their lives easier, why is the #1 time-consuming task in a dental office not on the list? We are talking about dental billing. Insurance claims and codes are more complex than ever, making specialized billing expertise more and more of a necessity. Administrative teams are spending too many unnecessary hours trying to work out convoluted dental claims processes, which means spending time on the phone not scheduling patients. There is so much on their plate on any given day in the dental office, so it is no surprise that 70% of dental practices are not collecting 100% of what they are owed on insurance claims. 

Outsourcing the tremendous burden of dental billing can free up the administrative team to focus on:

  • Patient experience & care
  • Treatment planning
  • Managing team members, fostering growth, & encouraging cross-training
  • Internal and external marketing & managing social media for the practice
  • and so much more!

All you can do is work to make the phone ring and get patients on the schedule. Freeing up your administrative team to field those phone calls, schedule to goal, and focus on the patients is the boost your practice needs. This should be the new normal. 

Dental billing has evolved

Your office has the most up-to-date technology, you have a social media presence — but are you still living in the dental billing “dark ages” and doing things the old way? You need a trusted dental billing partner with a tech-powered, future-focused solution that eliminates wasted time, increases your income, and reduces stress for you and your team.

At eAssist, we have collected more money for more dentists for longer than any other company out there. We invented and perfected the dental billing process. We are the experts, and we are dedicated to giving peace of mind to dentists across the country. 

You deserve peace of mind

With so many things to keep track of, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters: taking care of your patients. eAssist can help you collect 100% of what is rightfully owed to you from insurance companies, free up your administrative staff for scheduling & treatment planning, and ensure that nothing threatens your revenue cycle management again.

Our full suite of front office services includes — yes, that’s right, these can be outsourced too — but are certainly not limited to: 

You can talk to one of our Business Development Specialists to find how outsourcing your dental billing can give you the peace of mind you deserve — and clear the path for practice growth. Simply call 1-844-eAssist, email us at team@eAssist.me or complete the contact form here on our website.


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