Natalie Rogers

Natalie Rogers

Director of Business Development

Why Dr. Eric Peterson loves eAssist dental billing

You set goals for growth, but your team isn’t meeting those goals. Maybe the goals are too high, you might think. The reality is, your team has too much on their plate to focus on what matters when it comes to dental practice growth. Dr. Eric Peterson and the staff at Peterson Dental care deeply for their community and patients. To ensure that his practice consistently delivered amazing patient care, he brought in eAssist as an extension of his team to handle his dental billing processes. 

Outsourcing the dental billing processes to eAssist allows the Peterson Dental staff to focus on what matters, and their patients can feel that as soon as they walk in the door. By adding dental billing experts to work behind the scenes and support his team, Dr. Peterson can focus on dentistry and know that staff vacations, sick days, or battling the hiring market won’t disrupt his cash flow.

Is YOUR staff able to focus on what matters?

Hours on the phone chasing outstanding insurance claims and patient balances are bogging down your staff from focusing on what is the most important piece of a dental practice: the patients. 

eAssist can help

Do you want to discuss how eAssist can help your team? You can talk to one of our Business Development Specialists by simply calling 1-844-eAssist, emailing us at, or completing the contact form here on our website.

Dr. Eric Peterson & team are an eAssist Top Practice

Dr. Eric Peterson was a recent recipient of eAssist’s Top Practice Award, an award that is given to two eAssist clients per month who embody the values of integrity, expertise, and grace while providing exemplary patient care, running efficient operations, and giving back to their communities. His amazing leadership, together with the operational excellence of his staff, earned him this prestigious award in June 2021. eAssist is proud to serve Dr. Peterson and his staff, and give him the peace of mind he deserves. Listen to his full Top Practice podcast here.

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Dr. Peterson is a real eAssist client who was compensated for his time in this promotion.


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