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How to hire your unicorn

You may have noticed that hiring isn’t the easiest thing to do and most people truly dread it… I know I always did! We’ve found that with the right recipe for success, hiring can be super simple. Here are some tips we’ve got for YOU to help you find your unicorn (they’re out there, we promise). 

Step one 

Determine your needs. What are you hiring for and what do you expect the new hire to accomplish within their position? If you don’t know what you’re hiring for, how will you know who to hire for it? Think about their:

  • Personality? Outgoing, subdued, task doer, follower, leader? What do you need? We love using the DISC profile and criteria for online assessments.
  • Availability? Can they work remotely? Do they need to be in the office?
  • Hours? Are you 8 am to 7 pm? Be honest and realize you need your hire to work YOUR hours.

Step two 

Make sure that you know exactly what you’ll be offering this position. Your expectations of the duties and responsibilities should be fairly clear and easily explained and you should also be very clear on what you will be offering the individual you choose. 

  • Will there be benefits? 
  • Are they an hourly or salaried position and how much will they be paid? 
  • When will they start? 
  • Is there training involved? 

Come prepared with as much information as you can so that your candidate can be prepared as well. 

Pro tip: The most common reason that someone doesn’t accomplish a task is because they are unsure of what the actual task is, or the expected outcome. If we don’t have all of the information and a clear path, we won’t do the correct thing in most cases. By coming up with what you’re hiring for, and what the parameters of the job are, you’ll feel more confident going into interviews!

Step three 

Write a solid, inviting, and intriguing ad for the position. You want to attract the who that you’re looking to hire. Speak to them and create an ad that makes them a “Heck yes, I want to work at this location” person.  The goal of your ad is to WRITE to the person you are trying to attract. If your ad is bringing in people that aren’t who you are seeking, you probably need to rewrite the ad.

Step four 

A preliminary phone interview is very important. We like to dive right in and get the tough questions out of the way first. Asking them about pay and location will help steer you in the right direction. You’re looking to find someone who doesn’t mind the commute (no matter how long/short it may be) and someone who fits within the financial ranges that you were looking to stay in. Remember: you create the position and find the person; not the other way around.

Step five 

Time for an in-person interview. Have them in your practice or meet with Zoom (thank you 2020 for providing us with even more ways to get hiring done!). At this step, you’re looking for connection and engagement. 

  • How do you feel overall speaking to this individual? 
  • Are they able to answer the questions you have for them? 
  • What will your patient interactions be with them? 
  • How are they dressed?  
  • Do they present themselves to the standards of your practice? 

We suggest doing team hires at this point. Have someone in every department follow a scorecard and hire the new member as a team. We use the scale of 1 (no thank you) to 5 (we should have hired them yesterday). We want our entire team to use 5s!

Step six

You’ve found THE ONE and you’re ready to move forward with your offer!  We suggest having an offer letter and a 30/60/90 day check-in to ensure their training is on track. We have 30/60/90 day scorecards for onboarding for you! 

Pro Tip: Don’t skip nor shorten steps one and two! The clarity that you build in these steps will make finding your unicorn a piece of cake. 

When you look at the what behind your hire, you will be able to clearly see a checklist of items you want to ensure this person can accomplish.  It’s a list of “criteria” making the interview process easy. You can simply and easily ask them if they can accomplish the things you’re looking for.

Kiera is the owner and founder of The Dental A Team and consults in over 100 dental offices nationwide. Together, her team tackles in-person dental office coaching. Her mission is to help clients achieve maximum success and efficiency. She is also a partner in several dental offices, and has worked in just about every position within her own practices. This gives her the skill set and perspective to help you positively change the structure and culture inside of your dental practice. 

For more hiring information, check out the Dental A Team hiring course. They have some awesome tips on how to write the perfect ad with samples, where to post, phone & in-person interview forms, along with our 30/60/90 day scorecards. For any additional questions, email They would love to help you out!


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