How eAssist Changed My Life- Miranda Mitto

How eAssist Changed My Life- Miranda Mitto

I worked with Redbud Dental with Dr. Jay Peck, I set up the account with eAssist. It’s neat. I called the eAssist number, Dr. A answered and was so pleasant. Then connected me with Sandy, we got the ball rolling from there. eAssist became part of my work family and I leaned on them like nobody else. I loved them when I was an Office manager because I was doing all the treatment planning and overseeing the clinic and front office. I was alleviated!!! In addition, I always envied the roll of eAssist (work from home) as I was grinding everyday as a single mom and was married to my job as we were a VERY busy and patient centric office.

Life took a turn, I did mission work with Dr. Peck and our church…I met a dentist and his wife overseas on a mission trip and we stayed connected upon return to the states. They offered me a position to run their new practice. I sadly parted ways from the team I was working with. It was all too good to be true! Two months in, I was let go because they couldn’t afford me while we were waiting on the new practice to open 8 months out. This happened in December!!! Who finds a job in a dental office in December?? We were destitute, calling on family, friend and our church to help us keep us afloat. So, I thought about eAssist. I wanted to see what it looked like. I took the TEST, oh those TEST, and I went through the process. Needless to say, I got the job and was a part of this amazing team.

I was scared, I still was skeptical. Was this too good to be true? Was I going to be able to support my family as a mom of three? Was I going to be disciplined enough to make this work? My friends and family are finally starting to believe in what I do as they had many doubts. This is a real company with a whole lot of work for me and it has allowed me the opportunity I have been hopeful for, for 15 years. I have always worked and been dedicated to my 9-5 job while balancing the exhausting efforts of daycare, school functions, kid’s sick days, meetings, work travels, and keeping the Homefront together. I was divorced in 2011 and became a single mom again. We all know how hard it is to tell your kids you can’t make the functions at school, can’t tale the vacations we want, can’t be a homeroom mom or a big part in the school’s parent involvement or even spend adequate time with them at home. I can now, I can be where I want when I want for the most part. I am my own boss!!

In addition, this is huge to me. As I have already said, I worked in an office that was extremely busy and rarely took a lunch, worked 10 plus hours/day and was always racing as I took my work hat off and put my mom hat on. I started to have very high blood pressure and the stress was setting in. My doctor monitored me and I really needed to slow it down. God knew what he was doing even when I thought he was challenging me. I no longer have high blood pressure, am relaxed (until I get that ONE rep from a carrier on the phone, lol), I am eating healthier, I am involved in the schools, I can be HERE unlike the many years behind me. I am forever indebted to Dr. Anderson, Sandy and Melinda. I am blessed beyond measure. This is it for me and I never have felt like any office, any job, any new adventure was exactly home. I do believe that it takes a certain person to be able to do what we do and I am so thankful that God took the wheel and steered me in this direction. Little had I known that the call I made to Dr. A three years ago would eventually land me here. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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