Worst Claim Story- June 2018

Worst Claim Story- June 2018

A personal account of why we do what we do.

By: Mindy Pruim Davis

I went to a Dr.(physician) appointment today at a new office (new insurance). The person verifying insurance told me she would try to call to get my insurance verified, as long as she wasn’t on hold too long. As I filled out my paperwork, I hear someone tell her she had a call, which she replied she was on the phone. A few minutes later she picks up the phone and is talking with what sounds like maybe a friend, boyfriend husband. She says, no I didn’t call you, I’ve been on the phone the last 7 minutes. Once I finish my paperwork and bring it to her, she tells me, “I tried to get your insurance but the hold time was too long”. Mind you, they were not very busy and afterwards, she had plenty of time for idle conversation. Being in the same type of business, this irked me. This office was definitely not delivering the message to Garcia today and sadly it is like this in a lot of offices. I am so happy for the services we(eAssist) provide to our offices so that they can treat their patients with the kindness and courtesy they deserve!

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #124

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