Worst Claim Story- September 2018

Sometimes even seemingly straightforward billing problems take months to resolve. When Jane Smith was hospitalized in central Virginia following a diagnosis of cancer a few years ago, she received a $1,600 bill from the hospital because she had stayed in a private room, which their insurer would pay for only if there were no other options. The hospital had only private rooms, but despite numerous phone calls by her husband, Andrew, to try to sort out the problem, the hospital eventually sent the bill to a collection agency.

Andrew decided enough was enough and drove down to the hospital and asked to speak to the administrative supervisor.  It was straightened out that day and paid accordingly.

Like Andrew in the story above, at eAssist we know straightforward doesn’t always go straight but we are prepared to take it to the top to get claims paid for out clients.

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #127


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