Worst Claim Story- April 2018

By Alyssa Hermes, Account Manager

I was working on the aging claims report for my office and noticed we had a few payments from UHC saying they had been paid but we had not received the checks yet. It had been about a month since the DOS’ and so I needed to get these checks reissued to the office.

I spoke with the first rep and verified all the office information was correct on file, etc for every claim, and it was. I asked them why we hadn’t received so many payments if all the info was correct. He could not tell me why and said their policy is a 90 day waiting period to receive the checks in the mail before they will reissue the check and I would have to call them back to do this. I was upset because that time frame is ridiculous, but I agreed and made the notes on the report.

The weeks passed and MORE and MORE claims from UHC were saying they were paid but not received yet.  NO ONE could tell me the problem, and NO ONE would reissue a check to me without the waiting period met. I called every single day for 2 weeks and bemoaned to every single person I could get on the phone, threatened them with notifying the insurance commissioners, nothing worked.

After a few weeks we finally started receiving payments from them for recent claims, but still had to wait the 90 days on ALL of those claims from before.  

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