Courtney Shelby

Courtney Shelby

Business Development Specialist

Why Dr. Summer Kassmel and her team love eAssist

Dr. Summer Kassmel saw that her goals were unattainable without support for her Insurance Coordinator, Allison. So she brought in eAssist. Now, Allison works closely with her eAssist team to increase Dr. Kassmel’s profitability, giving her room to grow and flourish as a dental leader in her community.

Can eAssist help your practice? Dr. Summer Kassmel is a firm believer that outsourcing your dental billing processes to eAssist is a pivotal step on the path to dental practice success. She explains it beautifully.

You want to focus on growth. But you aren’t seeing your practice profits increase the way you want them to. You have serious holes in your revenue cycle management, which means your dental billing processes are not air-tight. These holes mean you are leaving money on the table — approximately 9% on average. Throw in trying to battle the hiring market, managing your overhead, and keeping up-to-date on the newest technology, and you are on the hamster wheel of stagnation.


Outsourcing your dental billing processes takes the tedious, skill-based tasks off of your administrative staff’s plates so they can focus on what grows the practice: the patients. Less time on the phone with insurance means more time for patient care, treatment planning, marketing, etc, etc.


While your staff is providing 5-star patient care, your eAssist team is working to get your money off the books and into your bank account. This dynamic partnership is the key to practice success and growth. 

You can talk to one of our Business Development Specialists to find how outsourcing your dental billing can give you the peace of mind you deserve — and clear the path for practice growth. Simply call 1-844-eAssist, email us at, or complete the contact form here on our website.

Dr. Summer Kassmel & team are an eAssist Top Practice

Dr. Summer Kassmel was a recent recipient of eAssist’s Top Practice Award, an award that is given to two eAssist clients per month who embody the values of integrity, expertise, and grace while providing exemplary patient care, running efficient operations, and giving back to their communities. Her amazing leadership, together with the operational excellence of her staff, earned her this prestigious award in April 2021. eAssist is proud to serve Dr. Kassmel and her staff, and give her the peace of mind she deserves. Listen to her Top Practice podcast here

Dr Kassmel team

Dr. Kassmel’s team

Dr. Kassmel is a real eAssist client who was compensated for her time in this promotion.


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