Jonathan Bowen

Jonathan Bowen

Chief Leadership Officer

The modern dental office manager

Leadership and purpose are two of the most recognizable hallmarks of success. Better implementation, goal setting, and achievement, motivation and productivity — all of these things come with a level of success. It is no secret that the modern dental office manager needs more than just great customer service and bookkeeping skills. You need industry-specific knowledge that helps your practice grow. You need a team that supports you and grows with you. Maybe you’re wondering how someone else does it while being pulled in all directions yet still keeping their head above water, all the while your office is struggling. It’s time to do some self-reflection: evaluate your leadership style and how you work towards your goals in order to find the path to success.

Clarity in purpose

When you know what you want to do, you can make it happen. One of the foremost principles of this is embracing change and continuous improvement. This sounds easier than it is because most of us aren’t sure about change. We’ve been doing okay for a long time, but do you ever wonder what could happen if you tried something new? Maybe there’s a better way to hire, implement responsibilities, and hold your team accountable. Are you just skating by and collecting a paycheck, or do you want to be successful and know that you have found the most efficient processes for your practice?

Leadership in your dental office

Being a leader isn’t simply about delegating tasks and having tough conversations, it’s about your relationship with your work and the rest of your team. Do you just glance at employees walking in and say “Hi,” before going back to work? Or do you ask about their weekend, plans for vacation, or how their pets are doing? These seemingly small acts of recognition translate into a positive work environment and a culture of productivity. 

A successful dental office runs like clockwork, with all of its gears in working order. These offices have honed in their operational processes and make sure that everyone on the team (including the dental office manager) knows what they’re supposed to do to keep the practice running smoothly each day. 

One of the secret weapons of great leaders is allowing the rest of their team to lead when necessary. Distribute an escalation chart that helps to determine who to talk to if someone is unsure about something, and train your team to have the confidence to know that they can take matters into their own hands.

Setting and implementing goals

Practice management goals are what keep you motivated to succeed, whether that’s getting your accounts in order or holding your team accountable for their success. Starting with small, initial objectives, such as a “survey” of what needs to be done, is a great first step. If narrowing it down feels too overwhelming, ask yourself these questions to get on the right track:

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you now know exactly what to work on. This is the hardest part of any successful procedure implementation because it can take some soul searching to admit that things have gotten out of hand. There’s no one to blame; running a dental office is difficult work. But what if you’re so overwhelmed that it seems like there’s nothing you can do?

Asking for help

eAssist Dental Solutions offers help for every aspect of your dental practice, whether that’s outsourcing your dental billing, patient retention, or general practice consulting. The best part — none of your staff are ever replaced. We’re here to help you clear the path to practice growth by supporting your team and allowing them to be the best at what they do for you. Don’t delay your transition to success, start your journey today with a trusted partner in dental practice management.

You can talk to one of our Business Development Specialists to find how outsourcing your dental billing can give you the peace of mind you deserve — and clear the path for practice growth. Simply call 1-844-eAssist, email us at or complete the contact form here on our website.


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