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Amanda Cross

Director of Marketing, Branding, & Content

CDA Announces New Endorsed Program for Dental Plan Billing Service

eAssist Dental Solutions can help dentists with obtaining timely claims payment from dental plans

Sacramento, Calif. – The California Dental Association is pleased to announce eAssist Dental Solutions as a CDA Endorsed Program that offers dentists a valuable billing service, enhancing timely claims payment from dental plans. 

CDA has been helping members navigate the dental benefits side of their practices for over a decade utilizing a dedicated, knowledgeable team and a full library of resources to educate members on how to properly complete and submit dental claims as well as address dental plan claim denials. Due to the complex nature and high volume of dental plan claim submissions, CDA sought an Endorsed Program partner as an option for members who need assistance in submitting and managing their claims, including investigation and appeal of questionable denied claims. 

eAssist provides an end-to-end electronic billing service for dental offices, which optimizes claims payment and appeals processes. eAssist eases the burden on office staff and helps dental practices be more efficient, profitable and patient centric. Founded by a dentist in 2012 to address the stress and anxiety caused by team turnover and re-training on dental benefit billing and processes, eAssist currently has a team of over 600 dental billing experts serving more than 4,000 dentists around the country, collecting $2.2 billion dollars from dental plans.  

“CDA recognizes the ongoing challenges our members continue to face when dealing with dental benefit plans, and the association remains committed to offering dentists support and solutions such as eAssist,” said Steven Kend, DDS, chair of the CDA Finance Committee, which oversees CDA Endorsed Programs. “CDA selected eAssist for its offerings and its service-oriented mission to the profession of dentistry, which align with CDA’s mission and core values.

During these challenging times, having a dental plan billing solution for dental practices is paramount to ensuring the continuing financial health of the dental practice. Employing eAssist as a potential solution can help address some of the staffing shortages dental offices are experiencing. 

eAssist is proud to partner with CDA in offering this valuable member benefit to provide dentists with an alternative method of maintaining their practices with fewer headaches,” said James Anderson, DMD, CEO of eAssist. “eAssist looks forward to serving CDA member dentists by ensuring they get paid what is rightfully owed to them from dental plans utilizing our unparalleled team of dental billing experts and our time-tested proven process.”

Our service discount:

  • 2.5% off your monthly invoice for our dental billing service for 21 months
  • No long-term contract required, you can cancel with 30-days notice at any time with no fees or penalties
  • No prepayments or service fees/deposits required to get started
  • Initial IT setup and specialized scanner provided for CDA members at discounted price of $500

About the California Dental Association

Learn more about eAssist’s solutions at cda.dentalbilling.com. Contact eAssist at cda@eassist.me or 415.231.1299 to get started.

About eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of virtual insurance and patient billing services for dental offices. The company’s end-to-end solution eases the burden on office staff, while optimizing the claims payment and appeals process. eAssist ultimately helps practices be more efficient, profitable and patient-focused. 

Learn more at: https://dentalbilling.com/

DISCLAIMER: Although we have made every effort in finding the best dental plan billing service for our members, we make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future increases in claims recovery, or that you will recover any specific amount of claims, or any claims at all.

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