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Morgan Sanchez

Morgan Sanchez

Keeping up with 2019 Dental Industry Trends

2019 has been a stellar year for dentists across the country. The world of dentistry has evolved, with 3D printing, better software, and brand new tools to keep things moving forward in a positive direction for your patients. These new technologies, updates to existing ones, and new management practices will help you achieve your professional goals through the remainder of the year.

Patient Care and Community

With subsidized healthcare still front page news in 2019, now is the time to start taking note of potential new patients, and even old ones. Engaging your customers is paramount to success, and you need to make a personal connection with them and your practice in order to keep them on your books and in your good graces.

Social media is the perfect tool for gaining, retaining, and reminding your patients that your practice cares about their family’s dental health. Marketing efforts, like anniversary cards through direct mail, email newsletters, and text message reminders are all components of an elevated marketing platform that showcases your contemporary approach to dentistry.

New Technology

Every dentist knows that their biggest factor for competition are new products. Your practice doesn’t and shouldn’t want what was used a decade ago as their front-facing patient care tool.

3D printing has been the biggest buzzword tech of recent years, and 2019 has seen further developments in this field, all for the better. Being able to tell your patients that their new crown will be ready in under an hour versus two weeks is incredibly motivating, and it allows you to maximize both your time and profit.

Investment in new hardware is obviously the biggest hurdle for any practice, but the rewards are palpable if you take a moment to appreciate the ease-of-use and effectiveness of new tech.

Keeping in Touch with Contemporary Dentistry

Your practice doesn’t need all the bells and whistles for the coming year, but you do need to be aware of these trends and how they could affect your practice. Social trends in dentistry have led professionals to communicate with one another about what works and what doesn’t. Make a plan to stay in touch with the industry on and offline, and you won’t miss a thing.


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