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How reference materials can decrease claim denials

Approximately 65% of dental practices are participating with dental insurance, dental billing processes are crucial to revenue cycle management. There are 7 common claim issues that lead to unnecessary insurance claim denials and delays, which cause huge roadblocks in steady cash flow. The first of these issues is denials due to inadequate reference materials. So let’s dive into how to reference materials can support your dental billing specialist and decrease unnecessary claim denials in your dental practice.

Why are reference materials important?

Insurance codes change and update every year. Not only are CDT & ICD-10 codes added and removed, but important nomenclature and supporting documentation changes are made. Do you know what that means? If dental billers are not apprised then it opens the door to denied funds to your practice. 

This is where billing & coding reference materials are crucial. Not only do up-to-date coding materials support your dental billing specialist, but they can also significantly decrease unnecessary claim denials due to incorrect coding or supporting documentation. Investing in current, complete, and accurate billing reference materials each year will improve claim reimbursement, treatment planning, and more.

What coding reference material is right for my practice?

The industry’s leading coding resource is Coding with Confidence by Dr. Charles Blair. This resource is guaranteed to help dental billers confidently send the proper, updated code on the claim — with all of the required documentation — for timely reimbursement. The ADA also has a coding reference available for dental practices. 

We can help

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