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Clinical Notes vs. Narratives: What Every Doctor Needs to Know to Get Paid!

If you write extremely detailed and complete “clinical-sounding” narratives, you may not think there’s much difference between clinical notes and narratives. But there sure is in the eyes of the law! ONLY clinical notes entered directly into the patient medical record by the treating providers or designated staff are viewed as legal documentation of what actually occurred. In other words, “If it is not in the clinical notes, it did not happen.”

At the beginning of this year, Delta Dental jump-started what we predict may become an industry trend by reiterating their national processing policy of accepting ONLY detailed and complete clinical notes, accompanied by “all” relevant radiographs, periodontal chartings, anesthesia records, etc. Narratives no longer cut it for Delta Dental, and most other insurance companies already require this at the appeal level. We foresee this as a new industry standard in the making, and even predict companies may begin requiring clinical notes to be attached directly from practice management software onto claim forms.

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