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Henry Shaw

Director of Content

eAssist Summit: Strengthening the Company and Creating Leaders

Each year eAssist holds a significant training event for its independent contractors known as eAssist Summit. The event is centered around promoting synergy, training, and developing growth. These annual events are held in various locations, the most recent taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event welcomes one and all who are a part of the eAssist nation. Everyone that is able to come is truly provided an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Dr. James Anderson, the founder of eAssist, organizes these events to strengthen team members through one of a kind training from notable speakers, informative Q&A workshops, and receiving direct training from Dr. Anderson himself. Summit also provides a time for often remotely located coworkers to connect and socialize in person. The core focus of the event is to unite eAssist in the pursuit of its one overarching goal, namely delivering peace of mind to their clients.

Of course, it isn’t all just business and training. Many ice breaker, casual, and fun games are spread throughout the event. The eAssist Nation was also treated this year with a trip to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. The evening was filled with animals and attractions of the zoo, professional fire breathers, and top quality catering. All of this led to the award ceremony, honoring eAssisters who have shined in their various departments and divisions.

Having attended Summit myself this year, I was truly impressed by the whole experience. Not only was it great to put names to faces but it was a poignant time of self reflection and learning. Participating in trainings and seminars by a wide array of fantastic speakers gave me a lot to take notes on. I was fortunate enough to participate in a goal setting exercise during one of the speakers presentations. This experience allowed me to open up and present my personal goals in a way to the rest of my eAssist coworkers that brought me a lot of joy and resolve. Knowing that each person at Summit was focused on achieving their personal goals as well as the company’s gave me a great sense of unity.

Summit is an amazing event for everyone that comes because they are able to see the true character and nature of the company and the wonderful people it is made up of. Faces are put to names and voices. Dr. Anderson takes time to associate and familiarize himself with his stellar staff by delivering presentations. Dr. Anderson also takes time to meet each individual member of eAssist he can. Being able to connect with the head of the company serves as a great way to unite the team in one vision for the future growth of the business.

Said Dr. Anderson about this years Summit event, “We listened, we learned together, we discussed ideas and we grew together, and our paradigms changed. We accomplished a lot of great things. There is  a lot of great energy here, but there has also been skills that have been developed. People that come to Summit influence us. These are our leaders.”  

As people come together to learn and grow they become better eAssisters, more self sufficient, and more reliable. They become leaders. These attributes and habits were discussed at length as Dr. Anderson put a high emphasis on Steven R. Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The entire eAssist Nation was invited and encouraged to read the book in its entirety and to internalize the principles discussed within. Of particular mention was the focus on “sharpening the saw,” so to speak, implying that a person should take time each day to strengthen or sharpen themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As people come to Summit they learn and grow. As members of the eAssist Nation their minds become focused on the company’s main goal of delivering peace of mind. Perhaps more important than knowing the goal of delivering peace of mind, coming to Summit allows eAssist members to walk away with the tools necessary to make it happen. Those who come to eAssist Summit make resolutions to see improvement and progression in their work and as Dr. Anderson points out, “[They] are our leaders.” 

If you are curious to learn what eAssisters who attended the Summit had to say about the event, click the link to watch a video of thoughts and reflections for Summit 2019.


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