Start eAssist Dental Medical Billing Service


One-time setup fee includes
one provider, $79 per
additional provider


per coverage


per medical


medical claims
3.5% of insurance allowable fee
$35 minimum***


Discounted setup fee for current clients
of eAssist Dental Billing Service.
Includes one provider.
$79 per additional provider.

* Required for all cases, unless we have one on file within the last 30 days. Based on eAssist breakdown form. Will determine if preauth is required for up to 5 specific services.

** No guarantee of outcome of preauthorization. Charge applies for approval or denial. Includes GAP exception, if needed.

*** No guarantee of payment. Adjudication of the claim is guaranteed if plan is active & nothing excludes the provider from billing that insurance plan. No additional charge for appeals. Posting of payment/adjustment is not included. COB with secondary will incur another claim filing fee.

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