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eAssist Dental Insurance Verification* Services

Verifying each patient’s insurance coverage accurately is a critical step in creating a smooth daily operation and increases the profitability of your practice. Insurance verification is a vital procedure that can reduce the negative patient experience that comes with an unexpected patient balance. Many times patients expect the dental office to be the insurance expert. With this service, you are able to give your patients accurate treatment plan estimates based on their insurance coverage.

eAssist puts our years of experience in dental billing, accounting, management and insurance verification to work for you to eliminate such issues as:

Dental Procedure

Unhappy patients

Unwanted collections

Over-inflated accounts receivable

Financial surprises for you and your patients

Large amount of outstanding claims

In order to serve you, we’ve put together two plans to meet your practice’s specific needs.


Family History Verification

We verify general patient benefits and history indicated on our history verification form. This option is great for additional family members or existing patients, who have a recent full benefit breakdown available, but you are confirming benefits and checking patient specific history, maximums and deductible used, etc.

  • $4.17 per Standard Verification with data entry into the software.
  • $2.49 per Standard Verification without data entry into the software.


Full Benefit Verification

We verify and provide you with the most thorough verification breakdown available. This option is ideal for new patients, existing patients with a new insurance plan, or simply an update for all your patients in the new year. We can also customize the full benefit breakdown for specific specialty offices.*Please note that any verification requests that are made less than 48 hours of patient appointment are considered an ASAP verification and the fee is $12.50 per verification.

  • $6.25 per Extensive Verification with data entry into the software.
  • $4.57 per Extensive Verification without data entry into the software.

Increased cash flow, decreased accounts receivable and eliminating unpleasant surprises for patients — let eAssist give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the specific details of your patient’s insurance coverage at the time of treatment planning.

*A one time start up fee of $299 will be charged upon signing the Insurance Verification contract. There is a $750 minimum requirement that must be billed for Verifications monthly. You will be billed this minimum requirement monthly or billed based on actual Verifications completed if they total more than $750 in the month. Instances where we are unable to verify benefits because the plan terminated there is a fee of $0.75 per incident.

Get in touch with us today and see how fast and simple our insurance verification service really is.