Has this happened?


Has this happened in your practice?

It’s probably fair to say that your dental practice is one that’s driven by insurance payments. Perhaps it’s even safe to say that the majority of your income is paid through dental insurance.

No matter what percentage of your practice’s profits are generated this way, you’d agree that verifying insurance up front and saving miscommunication between your practice and your patients is a good thing.

Keeping in mind that part of your successful marketing happens within the walls of your practice – that keeping happy and satisfied patients who like and trust you is good for business.

Policy Terminations

You find out at the time a patient is appointed or just shortly before that they are no longer covered by insurance. The patient decides they don’t want to move forward with treatment because they thought they had coverage. Now you are stuck with a large last minute opening in your schedule.

A patient comes into your office for treatment and is entirely unaware that his or her insurance has been cancelled. They fill out the forms and your treatment planner estimates their co-pay and you begin their treatment.

After the patient has left and your billing department tries to collect from the insurance… you receive an unpleasant notice that the patient in fact has no insurance. Of course, you want to be paid, so you bill the patient for the entire remaining portion of their treatment…

When the patient receives the statement they become angry. Who are they angry at? Is it their insurance company? No – it’s you. They feel betrayed and are going to tell everyone they know to avoid your practice!

Posterior filling payment
A patient comes in and has their posterior fillings done and pays the estimated 20% co-pay. Unbeknownst to them… and to you… their insurance has downgraded the amount that they pay from 80% to 50%.

When your patient gets your bill for the outstanding 30% balance… they’re rightfully angry and once again – angry at you. An angry patient is a vocal patient.

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Deductible doesn’t cover it
A patient finally has their insurance thanks to the affordable care act. They and maybe their whole family come in for a cleaning without realizing that their insurance policy has a $500 deductible. The cost of the cleaning isn’t covered and they get a big surprise bill from your office. This time your practice may have lost an entire family as patients, and any future patients that this family could have referred to you.

There are many such scenarios and you probably have your own stories to tell. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these and other misunderstandings could be decreased from the start?

With eAssist Insurance Verification* as part of your practice, you can change your practice. For just $6.25 or less per verification, we’ll reduce these issues, help you avoid large amounts of outstanding claims, decrease your accounts receivable, increase your collections, and help you retain happy, satisfied patients.

Learn more about how eAssist adds profit and peace of mind to your dental practice.