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Our Goal with Dental Accounting Service

Contribute towards long term and sustainable success of your business by reconciling your dental software
with your bank account and QBO and keep a close look on your performance with our financial reports.

It is impossible to prevent embezzlement 100% of the time, but our unique service and internal controls will
discourage most employees from theft.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

EXPERT / Bookkeeping + Bill Pay + CPA

With this full-service package, you get everything included in the Advanced Bookkeeping Service with Bill Pay and an important bonus.We’ll provide you with a referral to a seasoned Academy of Dental CPA who will file your quarterly and annual taxes. In addition, your Academy of Dental CPA will hold virtual quarterly forecasting meetings with you to plan your best financial strategies at no additional cost. If you don’t already have an accountant and want to streamline your practice’s financials as well as your own, this is the plan for you.



Suited For


+ CPA Fee**

If the office’s total
collections are under

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+ CPA Fee**

If the office’s total
collections are between $40k
and $100k/month

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+ CPA Fee**

If the office’s total collections
are between $100k and

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+ CPA Fee**

If the office’s total
collections are greater
than $150k/month

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*There is a one-time setup fee of $399 for all sized offices adding this service.

** CPA will provide pricing upfront which means you will know and agree to the CPA’s fees prior to the beginning of any work. Once CPA has all material information required to prepare the return or project, he/she will determine the fee based on your unique tax and accounting needs. Fees comes down to the time it will take to prepare, review and finalize the return or project based on the complexity of the services needed.

Product Comparison

Product Comparison




+ Billpay


+ Billpay + CPA


EFT & Other Deposit Reconciliation Service

Bookkeeping and balancing
your checkbook

Create all of your accounting journal entries

Categorize your expenses

Reconcile your dental software & merchant
statements with your bank and with QuickBooks

Real time profit and loss, balance sheet, and
statement of cash flows available 24/7

Free QuickBooks Online account — no monthly
fee for eAssist Dental Accounting customers


Payment of all of your bills through your
financial institution’s online bill pay service

Free installation of a fully HIPPA secure
bill pay cloud folder


Referral to seasoned Academy of Dental CPA

Get in touch with eAssist today and see how effective our
Dental Accounting service is for your profitable practice!

    Serviceadd-on service

    Add-on service

    Payroll Add-on Service

    With each of our packages, you may also take advantage of our convenient eAssist Dental Payroll Service Add-on. You’ll be able to manage and track your payroll online at any time. The service includes:

    • Easy online access for all staff and your admin team to submit
      and approve payroll
    • Paying all payroll taxes via direct deposit
    • All payroll related quarterly and annual filings are handled by us
    • Provide all W2 and 1099 services for independent contractors.

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