Dental Accounting FAQ

Do I have to change my software systems?

We can work with whatever dental software you’re using now – Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentimax, etc. However, as a free service to you, if you haven’t already done this, we port your accounting software over to QuickBooks online.

Why? Because it’s free to you to setup and free to use. This way, we can more closely manage your books as well as give you and anyone else you choose direct 24/7 access to your accounting from a computer or smart device.

Who actually handles my money?

Because we have 3 levels of service, this depends on you. However, at no time do we actually handle your money. You and your staff scan your bills into a secured HIPPA compliant folder and we pay them for you. We balance the dental software with QuickBooks, your merchant, your bank and keep everything ship shape.

Do I have to give up my current accountant?

Not if you don’t want to. It should be noted, however, that our eAssist dental accounting CPA’s are well trained in the specifics of the dental industry. We have several options that let you keep your current accountant or use one of ours to help you.

Do you handle payroll?

Yes, we can handle all payroll tasks for regular W-2 employees as well as 1099 contractors. We file all quarterly and annual payroll forms, submit all payroll taxes, issue direct deposits and distribute employee earnings reports. It’s a very easy and secure process and you have total access at all times.

What if I want to use the bill pay service, but I don’t want you to pay every bill?

That’s perfectly fine. We provide you with a HIPPA compliant bills folder. All you have to do is scan, or have your staff scan, any bills to be paid and load these scans into the folder. We’ll automatically pay them on time for you. If there’s a bill you don’t want us to handle, simply don’t put it in our folder – it’s that easy!

Are there any long term contracts?

NO long-term contracts required. All services operate on a month-to-month agreement between you and eAssist.